Traveling Market in Wilamowice, Poland

by Piotr,

My first experience with markets were the early morning markets that would stop by in the main square of my grandmas town. She taught at the local school when she was younger and went on to become the mayor before she retired, she had many friends in the town so it was always a social occasion. My mom would try and get me to stand still for long enough to decide on a new shirt to wear, however being the curious cat that i was i was more interested in the BB guns and knives that were on display. Always a variety of things to be seen and people to meet.

The market is such a pivotal community meeting place, even as we see now during the pandemic that these institutions remain essential to our social existence and become a central hub of interaction with our immediate community members.

What happens to these cultural centers with the prevalence of things like uber eats and skip the dishes? How can we regain a sense of market community in an increasingly predominant digital reality? How can we subvert the emerging hegemony through directly engaging it?

Perhaps there are ways to market, the new market. How can we advertise and build momentum for community projects when most people are disengaged from physical community forums?

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shirleef almost 2 years ago
This reminds me of the first time I was in a "real" town square. The main square in Krakow. Food, shops, museums, bars, churches, it just had everything. You could spend years in the square and still have something new to see each day. I love that there was an immersion of history through it too!
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