Markets in Penang and Tel Aviv

by Nathan,

Penang's food markets are the crossroads of food in Asia. Malaysia is a multicultural country, and sharing culture began there as it often does through food. Chinese Hawker stalls are next to Indian food stalls, and the cuisine of Malaysia is a meeting of the flavours of different parts of Asia, coming together into something amazing and unique.

Cultures seem to want to learn and share with one another, and the often the easiest way to do this is through food if language is a barrier. One of the most famous Mexican dishes is Al Pastor. It was created by Lebanese immigrants in Mexico City who adapted a form of Shawarma to use Mexican ingredients and flavours to appeal to the Mexican pallet.

Israel can be a pretty tense place and isn't exactly known for cultural cooperation, which the tension can felt quite intensely in places like Jerusalem. The most amazing place for cooperation and cultures coming together in Israel I found at the Jaffa Flea Market. It is a place where people of all backgrounds share everything together. In a place that can feel tense, the tension evaporated in the market and people just enjoyed what others had to offer.

Northeast Calgary is the most interesting and diverse quadrant of Calgary, and it has far and away the best food offerings in the City. It is such a natural fit that a Market and Food Hall that could display the talents of so many of the quadrants family owned restaurants and interesting food purveyors could comeNath together in a meaningful way in the community of Crossroads.

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