My Experiences in Different Markets

by boxu.zeng,

I have experienced some different markets since I grew up in Beijing and studied abroad almost 7 years in Toronto and Calgary. Market for me is not a place merely for shopping, it could be considered as a cultural congregation place.

There is a market in Chinese culture which called 庙会 (Temple Fair). This event is held during the Chinese New Year Festival. The Temple Fair is a very traditional activities that sells some traditional products, snacks, or toys. There are always a number of people here, not merely to buy products, but to experience the liveliness in holiday.

The most impressive market I experienced in Toronto is the Distillery Historic District. This place used to be a winery. However, the historical site and unique buildings make this place become cultural. Now, the Distillery District is used for holding events or celebrating Christmas Eve. All the buildings here are historical industrial building, which are very different from the urban. I did some researches before and wrote a paper about that. To me, this place made me very impressive.

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