Souk’s of the GCC

by Leonprabhu,

Having lived the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) as a expat for 10+ years, has given me the opportunity to visit the market or Souk in the local language


Muttrah Souk has been referred to as the oldest trading market in the Arab world. Parfume, frankincense, spices, jewelry are laden in uniformity with the traders still call for clients the same way they used to since the early days of trading. People of different cultures speaking languages from across the world to facilitate business.

Dubai Gold Souk and Diera Souk

One of the earliest markets for organized business hails from Dubai. With a vision for long term sustainability this area trades everything that can possibly traded . Gold and Spices are reasonably prices which makes it a tourist and business persons must visit. The government ensures the quality and prices are maintained which entails a safe haven to conduct business activities. Wholesale or retail you will need to bargain your way out

Masafi Friday market - Fujirah

A small costal Emirate of UAE, called as Souk al Juma, is well known for hand made rugs (from Iran), earthen ware and local hand made jewelry. It has a variety of Arab based food stalls and savories.

Kuwait : Souk Al Mubarakiya - old markets

In line with the other Souks of the GCC the Kuwait region offers traditional type of shopping. Dates and camel milk from this region is known for its richness and high quality . They have a rich culture. Traditional oils - scented and cooking, hand made crafts and food are very popular here

KSA - Al Qaisariah Souk - Jedda

A historical market located in the heart of Jedda. It is belived to have been established in 1822 and has more than 400 shops. It enables one to grasp the ancient heritage of this princely province. Here trading in various metals, Textiles, food stuff and other items.

In conclusion: the Souk is known to be one of the initial markets from which other forms of organized businesses have taken shape: It shows the culture of every part of the world incorporated in the way activities are conducted and welcome anyone to engage in business activities

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