My Experience in Berlin

by Rhea ,

The Arts & Crafts market in Berlin, Germany is a market that I fondly remember. Situated in one of the most historic sites, the Brandenburg gate, this market welcomed people from all over the world. Being a tourist destination, the market not only sold arts, crafts and souvenirs but also engaged its visitors in music concerts, food tasting events and educational talks. I believe a market is considered unique and exciting when it is designed in a manner that caters to all kinds of age groups and entertains its visitors of different interests.

The overall design must provide spaces for large gatherings, food stalls, entertainment hubs, intimate spaces for group talks or discussions, educational hubs hosting outdoor exhibitions and many more.

The atmosphere must be eclectic and attract all nationalities and cultures. The design could incorporate certain cultural aspects and specific design elements can bring the overall plaza/space together, giving its visitor a holistic experience.

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