April 06 → April 20 2020

Introduction + Survey

We introduce the design for 'The Recipe' for Crossroads and seek your initial reactions in the form of a short survey.

April 10 → April 20 2020

Active Feedback

We want your comments and suggestions on the specific features within the design for 'The Recipe'. On the proposal map, you can place pins for the following - 

- What feature(s) do you like about this design?

- What feature(s) would you like to improve in this design?

- What feature(s) would you like to add to this design?

- Any other comments about this design?

April 15 2020

Studio Review for The Recipe

The final jury review of our design proposal - The Crossroads Recipe.

April 14 → April 20 2020

Discussion on Next Steps

We open up a forum for discussing next steps in realizing some or all of the design ideas with 'The Recipe'. We want the community to start an active dialogue with themeselves through this forum - 

What are the actions the community can take? 

What should the sequence of these actions be?

What kind of support would you require?

Who are the stakeholders that will need to be involved in each step?

When do we involve the city?